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Hero education: The centaur Cheiron instructs the young Achilles (Roman fresco in the Museo Archeologico in Naples ).
Heroon on the Greek island of Sikinos .

The male heroes , singular the heroes ( ancient Greek ἥρως hḗrōs "the hero ") or the female heroines , singular the heroines ( ἡρωίς hērōís "the heroine"), are figures of Greek and Roman mythology , mostly of semi-divine origin.

As an extension of the private ancestral cult , the hero cult plays an important role for states, cities, communities and shrines. The appeal to legendary and semi-divine founder figures represented an additional legitimation and bond and guaranteed divine protection. The relics of the heroes enjoyed special veneration and were venerated in their own sanctuary, the heroon , usually consisting of the grave, an altar and a grove. The prescribed sacrifices and prayers were offered on fixed feast days.

Drakon anchored in the late 7th century BC Chr. The hero worship in the Athenian constitution . Olympia referred to its legendary foundation by the hero Pelops , who was worshiped in a corresponding sanctuary. One of the most famous heroes was Achilles , whose grave was visited until late antiquity . The city founders Romulus and Remus enjoyed special veneration in Rome .


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