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Kernos (full title Kernos. Revue internationale et pluridisciplinaire de religion grecque antique ) is a university scientific journal founded in Belgium in 1987 for the field of ancient Greek religion . The ISSN is 0776-3824.

Named after the Greek cult vessel Kernos , the magazine is the only scientific publication that is exclusively devoted to the ancient Greek religion. Kernos has been published annually since the first edition in 1988 and is published by the University of Liège . The aim is to offer researchers on phenomena of Greek religion a platform and to promote and facilitate the scientific exchange between the various disciplines of ancient studies that make contributions to Greek religious history .

On the one hand, the journal publishes original research articles. These articles go through a peer review and are only accepted for publication after appropriate reviews. The main publication languages ​​are French and English, but German, Italian and Spanish articles are also accepted. On the other hand, Kernos publishes various bulletins in which critical appraisals of the relevant publications on topics of the Greek religion are presented and commented on. Here is Epigraphic Bulletin the epigraphic , the Chronique archéologique the archaeological work dedicated. In addition, the Chronique bibliographique gives an overview of the literature with short summaries.

Since 1992, a supplementary series has been published in collaboration with the Center international d'étude de la religion grecque (CERG). The supplement volumes are monographic in character or are used for the publication of congress files, especially those of the CERG congresses that take place every two years.

The volumes from 2005 onwards are available as an online edition at , the older volumes are provided there as PDF . The ten-person editorial committee is international, the chairman of the committee is André Motte (as of June 28, 2020).

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