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Alfred Wilhelm Schiff (born December 23, 1863 in Berlin ; † January 31, 1939 there ) was a German archaeologist and sports official and historian of the Jewish faith. His idea of ​​the Olympic torch relay was implemented by Carl Diem .

Live and act

After graduating from high school in 1881, Alfred Schiff studied archeology at the universities of Heidelberg , Strasbourg and Berlin . During his studies in 1881 he became a member of the Strasbourg fraternity Germania . On the occasion of the ceremonial unveiling of a marble bust on the 80th birthday of Ernst Curtius in the Museum of Olympia on April 19, 1895, Schiff spoke on behalf of the younger Berlin students of the archaeologist and excavator of Olympia. In 1900 and 1901 he took part in the excavations of the Sieglin expedition in Alexandria . He received his doctorate from the University of Rostock under Gustav Körte in 1905 . He took part in excavations in Athens and the Greek islands . As a longstanding board member of the Archaeological Society of Berlin, Schiff was involved in the lively scientific exchange between archaeologists, ancient scholars, scholars from other disciplines and other interested parties.

At the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, Alfred Schiff worked as referee and supervisor for the German team and in 1904 was one of the founding members of the “German Reich Committee for the Olympic Games”, one of the forerunners of the National Olympic Committee . From 1920 until his dismissal in April 1933 for racial reasons, he worked in various functions, most recently as administrative director, at the University of Physical Education in Berlin.

The Olympic flame first burned in the Amsterdam stadium in 1928 . Schiff then further developed this fire symbolism for the games in Berlin . Schiff evaluated antique gem, vase and relief pictures with depictions of torch-bearers and compiled relevant ancient sources.

The fact that Schiff was the source of the idea for the implementation of the torch relay is proven by a memorandum written by himself on the ancient torch relay, in which he summarized his research results for Diem. Entries in Diem's ​​diary also express this.

For the preparation of the games in Berlin in 1936, Diem got his friend, although he was Jewish, paid jobs for the organizing committee and was thus able to support him financially. For many years Schiff was Diem's ​​personal advisor. In particular, he advised him on all questions of ancient sports history and culture and revised Diems' diaries on issues of ancient sports. On Diem's ​​initiative, Alfred Schiff was entrusted with the planning and preparation of an exhibition on the history of physical exercise in antiquity, which was intended as an accompanying program to the Berlin Games. Under the title "Sport of the Hellenes" the special exhibition was shown from July to August 1936 in the Pergamon Museum. As with the Olympic torch relay, all references to the intellectual originator and organizer were deleted.

Alfred Schiff married Laura Hirschfeld on January 15, 1915 in Berlin. When Alfred Schiff died in Berlin on January 31, 1939, his wife and two daughters Sabine and Elizabeth had emigrated to England. Due to the persecution of the Jews by the National Socialists , his life's work was almost forgotten.


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