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Ortho-Bionomy (Gr. Roughly "according to the rules of life") is a method of manual therapy that is based on osteopathy , physiotherapy and the understanding of energy in Eastern medical systems . Founded by the Anglo-Canadian Arthur Lincoln Pauls (1929–1997), Ortho-Bionomy has been taught in Canada and the USA since 1976 and in Europe since 1984. The salutogenic approach and the differentiation of the treatment into structural, dynamic and energetic levels with their specific techniques are characteristic.

Randomized studies are not known, the effectiveness of this therapy method has not been scientifically proven. The work of a few authors has so far mainly focused on the definition and systematization of the methodology and its techniques.

According to the salutogenesis model , health is to be understood as a process, not a condition. Functional symptoms are therefore understood in Ortho-Bionomy as an expression of current self-regulation . By emphasizing or overdrawing, this is made tangible for the patient in order to activate a physiological counter-regulation. Pain and stress stimuli are avoided in order to initiate a “ parasympathetic metabolic situation ”, which is supposed to support the regeneration of the tissues involved. Ortho-Bionomy is used for functionally controllable complaints of the musculoskeletal system, functional stress on internal organs, neurological diseases, early childhood development disorders and failure to thrive, pain syndromes, frequent infections, disorders of the vegetative and hormonal regulation as well as post-stress syndromes and the consequences of trauma.


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