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Pāhoa, Hawaiian wooden dagger

The Pāhoa is a so-called "wooden dagger" of the natives of the Sandwich Islands .


The Pāhoa was designed by the inhabitants of the Sandwich Islands as a weapon of war. The first models of this kind originated before colonization and are mentioned in European sources.


The Pāhoa is made of hardwood ( miro wood). It is made similar to a sword . The Pāhoa is flat, has a handle and a "blade". The outer edges are ground thin and sharp, the point thinner than the rest of the "blade part" and made pointed. The handle is flat and has a rounded knob. A hole in the pommel is used to hold a leather strap or rope and is used to secure it to the wearer's hand. There is also a version with two "blades" and a handle in the middle. It was used as a dagger and a club .

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