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PGF / Ti k Z
Basic data

Maintainer Till Tantau, Christian Feuersänger
developer Till Tantau
Publishing year 2005
Current  version 3.1.5b
(January 8, 2020)
operating system various
programming language TeX , Lua
category Markup language , graphics
License GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)
Example of a graphic created with Ti k Z

PGF / Ti k Z is a combination of two computer languages for creating vector graphics . Ti k Z is designed as a front end to the macro package PGF, but does not offer a graphical interface , but provides a simpler syntax than PGF.

The two languages ​​are interpreted by TeX , LaTeX or ConTeXt . The range of functions of PGF / Ti k Z is comparable to that of PSTricks , but in contrast to this, both the generation of PostScript and PDF files and even SVG files are supported as output.

Ti k Z has a modular structure and offers a large number of different packages for various functions such as the creation of fill patterns, color gradients or the use of shapes including circuit symbols. From version 3.0.0, published in 2013, Ti k Z contains its own framework implemented in Lua for automated graph drawing . LuaTeX is then required for use.

The abbreviation PGF stands for "portable graphics format". Ti k Z is a recursive acronym and means "Ti k Z is not a drawing program".

Some programs that can generate vector graphics offer the option of saving graphics in PGF or Ti k Z format; including the mathematical symbol program GeoGebra , the vector graphics software Inkscape , 3D animation software Blender , the numerical software Matlab , matplotlib and the statistical software R . In addition, there are editors such as KtikZ that support the direct design of Ti k z graphics by displaying the described graphic in real time.

In LaTeX, in addition to PSTricks, PGF / Ti k Z is often used to create graphics, especially when writing scientific papers with a mathematical, natural or engineering context .

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