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PLCopen is an organization in the field of industrial control technology . Standards are being developed that provide for increasing the efficiency in the development of applications and lowering the costs of maintaining such software. PLCopen wants to be independent of certain manufacturers and products and, through its work in the working groups, ensure the spread of international standards and their application in a broad field.

One of the core activities can be found in the area of EN 61131 , the only global standard for industrial control programming .

Important results can be found in the work on:

  • Motion control library
  • Suggestions for safety properties of controls
  • XML specifications for the exchange of project data
  • Rules for determining compatibility between programming tools

The organization is financed through membership fees.

PLCopen was founded in 1992. The head office is based in the Netherlands. Offices are located in Barrie ( Ontario , Canada ), Tokyo ( Japan ) and Beijing ( China ).

In the area of ​​communication, PLCopen and the OPC Foundation have developed a common standard based on IEC 61131-3.

Individual evidence

  1. Cooperation between PLCopen and OPC Foundation

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