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The term paid mail or payment e-mail refers to advertising e-mails for which the recipient receives remuneration in the cent range from the advertiser. In contrast to unsolicited spam , recipients want paid mails. Services that send paid mails are called paid mailers .


How a paidmailer works

The advertiser creates a promotional email with their advertisement. This is sent to members by the paid mailer. Payment is made in euros or points.

To do this, the email is opened, read and confirmed by clicking on a link. The reader is directed to the advertiser's advertised website . Advertisers appreciate this form of e-mail marketing, since advertising via paid mailer is the cheapest form of real unique visitors . This method is effective when promoting related websites.

The payout will be made when the payout limit is reached. The remuneration is usually in the range from 0.1 cents to 0.99 cents, depending on the confirmed advertising e-mail and provider. Paidmail users earn more if they advertise users themselves. In this case, the user receives a percentage of the turnover from the referred user or a one-time payment.

In the paid mailer sector there are always dubious providers. It is difficult to identify a reputable paidmail provider for who one is. To register with a paid mail provider, personal information is requested. Before registering, it should be checked whether the provider clearly excludes disclosure of this personal information in its terms and conditions.

  • Information about seriousness can possibly be found in a blacklist, which is mostly available in forums and on specialized websites. Of course, entries there can also be "falsified" by the competition if this blacklist allows public entries.
  • It also needs to be clear that there are very few mailers out there who can offer acceptable payment.

Paidmailer jargon

  • Payout, payout limit: If the member has reached a certain account balance in euros, he can be paid out via PayPal , Moneybookers or bank transfer , depending on the paid mailer .
  • Paid banners: These are banners that can be clicked so that a certain payment is made.
  • Payrate: Value of a certain amount of points.
  • Referral (short: Ref): Describes another user referred by the Paidmailer, with whom you can earn money.
  • Refrallye: Is a kind of competition with the aim of attracting new users. Whoever has recruited the most in a specified time wins an amount of money.
  • Refjäger is the name given to users who attract a large number of users and earn a three-digit monthly amount.
  • Begging links: Some paid mailers offer begging links. If you click on such a link you will receive a bonus on your credit.
  • Paid4 scene : The branch of services that pay for viewing advertisements is colloquially known as the Paid4 scene.
  • Conversion: At the end of the month, the account balance (own points and the points of the refs) is converted into euros with the Payrate:
    • W = advertising revenue of the mailer (in €) || P = total number of points in the system || PW = Euro value of a point || K = your account balance in points || NG = your newly acquired credit this month || AG = old credit || G = credit after conversion (in €)
    • Note: Of course, the entire advertising revenue is never returned to the members (= users), but between 20% and 90% depending on the mailer.

Development of the paid mailer

With the dotcom boom , the idea of ​​paying users to receive advertising arose. During this time paid mailers, which paid the user to view emails, also developed.

From the hour of birth of the paid mailer, only a few services are still online. It also shows that the market today is overcrowded, as it is possible for anyone to start their own paid mailer with commercially available scripts. As a result, many paid mailers have 500–5,000 recipients, but in German-speaking countries there are also mailers with over 100,000 recipients. The German paid mailer scene has stabilized since 2006 and some paid mailers have become more professional.

Foreign paid mailers

Paidmailers from the USA usually send more emails compared to German providers. Some of these US paid mailers are operated from the People's Republic of China , Poland or India . These mainly send search mails. The member is remunerated by performing a search.

Advertising with paid mailers

Users can also create a sponsor account with the paid mailers. With this account it is possible to book advertising in the form of emails or, in some cases, advertising banners , text links or pop-ups . Sponsorship points that you need for booking can be bought in the paid mailer's internal shops or on eBay .

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