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Palaka (Kpalaka)

Spoken in

Ivory Coast ( Sikasso )
speaker 8,000 (1995)


Language codes
ISO 639-3


Palaka (or 'Kpalaga') is a central Senufo language spoken by around 8,000 people in northern Ivory Coast .

It is bordered in the south by the Djimini language , a southern Senufo language, and in the west by the Senufo language Nyarafolo . To the north and east of the Palaka area live the Jula , the speakers of the Dioula .

Palaka forms a separate branch of the Senufo languages, as it differs from the other languages ​​in terms of morphology and phonology. It has tentatively been associated with the Nafaanra language, an isolated Senufo language spoken in Ghana . Palaka separated from the other Senufo languages ​​since the 14th century AD.


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