Palazzo della Consulta

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Front view of the Piazza del Quirinale
Side view, left of the Quirinal Palace
Another view with the Dioscuri fountain

The Palazzo della Consulta ("Palace of the Council") is the seat of the Italian Constitutional Court in Rome .


The palazzo is on the Quirinal , opposite is the Quirinal Palace . Its front faces the Piazza del Quirinale , and it is also on the two streets Vicolo Mazzarino and Via della Consulta .


The palazzo was named Fabbrica della Sagra Consulta under Pope Clement XII. built. The architect in charge was Ferdinando Fuga . It took five years, from 1732 to 1737, to build the building, which was the seat of both the Sacra Congregazione della Consulta and the Segnatura dei Brevi , a kind of papal court and council of state. Parts of the Palazzo della Consulta served as barracks for the mounted guards , the Cavalleggeri and the Corazze ( Guardia Nobile Pontificia ), who protected the papal carriage, among other things. For the construction of the palazzo a smaller palace was demolished and the ruins of the Constantine Baths were removed.

After the Prefettura del Tevere was housed in the Palazzo at the time of the Napoleonic occupation of Rome (1797-1815) , it served in 1849 as the seat of government of the Second Roman Republic . In 1870 the palazzo passed into the hands of the Italian state and initially became the residence of the crown princes . Four years later, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs found its seat in it. From 1924 until its dissolution in 1953, the Ministry for the Colonies (later the Ministry for Italian Africa) was housed in it.

In Article 1 of the law of March 18, 1958, the Palazzo was established as the seat of the Italian Constitutional Court , which had resided in it since 1955.


The trapezoidal building has an almost square inner courtyard with a parking lot. In the piano nobile there is the magnificently painted apartment of the cardinal of the Sacra Congregazione with motifs that on the one hand represent the papal cultural commitment and on the other hand portray members from the House of Savoy .

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