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Paul Hartmann (born August 18, 1812 , † February 17, 1884 in Heidenheim an der Brenz ) was a German entrepreneur and pioneer in the dressing industry. He founded what is now Paul Hartmann AG in Heidenheim an der Brenz.


Paul Hartmann was born on August 18, 1812. He was the eighth of 15 children of the textile entrepreneur Ludwig von Hartmann .


When Paul Hartmann had completed his training in 1834, he joined his father Ludwig's company. In 1843 the entire business was transferred to the three sons Carl, Eduard and Paul. Paul Hartmann took over the Heidenheim cotton spinning mill, his brother Carl the bleaching mill, Eduard the spinning mill in Herbrechtingen . His son Arthur Hartmann was a well-known ENT doctor in Berlin.

When Paul bought "Scheckenbleiche" in 1867, he founded his own company, the company "Paul Hartmann in Heidenheim, bleaching, dyeing business and finishing company". With the help of his son Albert, Paul Hartmann expanded the company into a "dressing material factory". The systematic production of cotton wool according to Victor von Brun's method for degreasing cotton began in 1873. A year later, Hartmann started the production of antiseptic bandages according to Joseph Lister's method. In 1883 his company received its first major order from the Jakobsspital in Leipzig, which Paul Hartmann personally packed in the evening.

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