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The pavement classification number, PCN (German: load-bearing capacity classification number ) describes the load-bearing capacity of flight operations areas.

For the economic operation of flight operations areas, knowledge of the load-bearing capacity of flight operations areas is of crucial importance. If the surface is subjected to excessive loads, its structure is destroyed at an early stage, which entails costly refurbishment or renewal. The International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO therefore introduced the ACN -PCN-System, or the ACN-PCN -Method, in 1981 to compare the load from flight operations with the load-bearing capacity of all flight operation areas. The PCN represents a dimensionless comparative number for the ultimate load-bearing capacity of the overall structure of the flight operations areas. In comparison with the ACN of the aircraft, it can be determined whether the aircraft fits the runway.


The PCN is not given alone. It is supplemented by essential, classified criteria that determine the load effect of aircraft on runways.

Example specification: 075 RBWT


  1. Dimensionless number, PCN, counterpart to ACN
  2. Letter to describe the surface. R (rigid) for solid (e.g. concrete) or F (flexible) for elastic (e.g. asphalt).
  3. Letter to describe the load-bearing capacity of the subsurface: A (very firm), B, C, D (very soft)
  4. Tire pressure class: W (unlimited tire pressure), X, Y, Z (0.5 MPa)
  5. Evaluation method: T (technically determined) or U (specific test method)


Austrian commercial airports

Airport Start-and runway PCN
train Turning areas
Graz 17C / 35C 61 / F / B / W / T -
innsbruck 08/26 75 / F / A / W / T 75 / F / A / W / T
Klagenfurt 10L / 28R 62 / F / A / W / T 62 / R / B / W / T
Linz 08/26 57 / F / A / W / T -
Salzburg 15/33 55 / R / A / W / T 55 / F / B / W / T
Vienna-Schwechat 11/29 75 / F / B / W / T -
16/34 75 / F / A / W / T -


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