Pegasus (shareware CD)

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Under the title Pegasus was from the SAD most famous German GmbH the shareware CD series sold.

At the time of publication, the CD-ROMs contained up to 650 MB of current German and international shareware . The series was produced by the Canyon company. Initially followed by Vol. 1, Vol. 2 etc., later the numbering scheme was date-oriented, for example 2/95, 1/97. In addition to Pegasus for DOS , Pegasus for Windows 3.1 / 95 and even an edition for OS / 2 were finally released . The last editions were only published for Windows after DOS and OS / 2 had lost their importance.

The increasing availability of the Internet and regular CD-ROM supplements to PC magazines probably meant that the Pegasus CDs were discontinued in 1997.

Comparable products were the CD-ROMs from TopWare (known from D-Sat , D-Info, among others ) and the international series "Night Owl".