Weimarer Land passenger transport company

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Personenverkehrgesellschaft mbH Weimarer Land
PVG mbH Weimarer Land-Logo.jpeg
Basic information
Company headquarters Apolda
Web presence https://www.pvg-weimarerland.de
Managing directors Christian Puff
Transport network VMT
Employee 84
bus 39
number of vehicles
Omnibuses 64
Mileage 3 million km per year
Catchment area Weimarer Land districtdep1
Residents in the
catchment area
0.082 million
Operating facilities
Depots 2

The Personenverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Weimarer Land is a municipal transport company for local public transport in the Weimarer Land district . It is wholly owned by this county.


Omnibusverkehrsgesellschaft Weimar mbH

In the 1920s, the first line from Weimar via Bad Berka to Blankenhain was put into operation, after which further lines were gradually set up in the Weimar region. During the GDR era, passenger transport in the catchment area was ensured by the so-called master areas of passenger transport of VEB Kraftverkehr Weimar. After the political turnaround in 1990, OVG Weimar was founded on January 1, 1990 at Wallendorfer Str. 27, which until the end of 2012 had 30 vehicles in stock and employed 36 people.

Personenverkehrgesellschaft mbH Apolda

On September 5, 1909, the first line between Apolda and Jena was set up. The depot of the individual bus at that time was located at today's “Thüringer Hof” stop. In 1925, a contract was signed between the then Omnibusverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Apolda and the city ​​of Apolda on a network of bus routes to be created, with the city of Apolda at its center. In 1930/1931 the bus company operated ten routes over a total length of 85 kilometers.

With the nationalization of private companies during the GDR era, the Omnibusverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Apolda was transferred to VEB Kraftverkehr Weimar with the Apolda division.

With the economic reorganization in the "new federal states", the passenger transport company Apolda mbH was re-established by the then Apolda district. The existing bus fleet and the property in Flurstedter Marktweg 10 were transferred to the company by the Treuhandanstalt Berlin. A new bus depot was built on this property between 1994 and 1996, and in 1994 the city of Apolda built a new bus station. From 1992 the vehicle fleet was continuously expanded, at the end of 2012 there were 32 buses and 45 employees. In 2006 the Personenverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Apolda joined the Central Thuringia transport association .

In addition to the bus station, important transfer stops in the city are Kantplatz, August-Bebel-Straße, Schlachthof and Thüringer Hof, as numerous overland lines meet there.

From 2013: Personenverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Weimarer Land

On January 1, 2013, the merger decided by the Weimarer Land district council was completed, resulting in today's Weimarer Land transport company from the Omnibusverkehrsgesellschaft Weimar mbH and the Personenverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Apolda. The headquarters remained in Flurstedter Marktweg 10. The former headquarters of the Omnibusverkehrsgesellschaft Weimar mbH became a part of the business. As a result of the merger, PVG then had around 75 employees.

Incidents of corruption in 2016

The then managing director Jonas H. of PVG was arrested in April 2016. There was a trial against him and the managing director of a trading company on suspicion of bribery and corruption. The damage is said to have amounted to "several hundred thousand euros". The criminal case opened in July 2018. One year later, in July 2019, Jonas H., the ex-boss of PVG mbH Weimarer Land, and the ex-boss of RVG Gera / Greiz, Andreas R., were each sentenced to one year and nine months imprisonment on probation.

Lines and mesh

The PVG operates 39 lines in regional traffic, including three lines in the city ​​of Apolda. The main task of the PVG is, among other things, to secure school traffic in the district.

As part of the regular service , lines to the districts of Sömmerda , Saalfeld-Rudolstadt, the Saale-Holzland district and the independent cities of Weimar, Erfurt and Jena are also served.


The vehicle fleet of PVG mbH Weimarer Land comprises (as of April 2020) 64 buses, including 3 minibuses. Vehicles of the brands Mercedes-Benz, Setra, Scania, Temsa and Iveco are mainly used. Most of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles are serviced in the Apolda-based Mercedes dealership.


PVG currently has 84 employees, most of whom are bus drivers. In addition, there are customer advisors for the customer centers at the Apolda bus station and at the Weimar bus station and operations managers at the Apolda headquarters.

Traffic performance

The annual mileage of all buses operated by PVG mbH Weimarer Land is around 3 million kilometers. How many people are promoted annually is not published.

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