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On-line 2008 - the publication platform of the Max Weber Foundation - is an international, epoch-spanning and interdisciplinary online publication platform for the institutes of the federal Max Weber Foundation - German humanities institutes abroad and their cooperation partners. The aim of is to make the scientific results of the institutes abroad transparent and accessible. Scientific communication is to be further developed and intensified on the basis of the open access principle.

Sponsorship, use, structure is the communication and publication platform of the Max Weber Foundation - German Humanities Institutes Abroad . It started at the end of 2007 as a project that was initiated by Gudrun Gersmann , the director of the German Historical Institute in Paris . The platform went online on October 31, 2008. The editors of are based at the foundation's headquarters in Bad Godesberg. She coordinates the publication process with the various specialist editors in the individual institutes and prepares the texts for online publication (legal matters, formalities, imprimatures). She is supported by a partial editorial team at the Bavarian State Library in Munich , where the process of retro-digitization is carried out, the library indexing of the platform content is carried out and the long-term archiving of the texts is ensured. The local editorial offices of the respective institutes remain responsible for ensuring the scientific standards.

technical basics offers a multilingual user interface and is provided on the basis of the open source software MyCoRe . The central publication server of the Max Weber Foundation is hosted by the group headquarters of the GBV (VZG).

Content offers both genuinely electronic publications and those that have already appeared in print and are now retro-digitized. Hybrid publication processes that realize print and online publication at the same time also correspond to the platform concept, which consistently follows the open access principle. The texts accessible on are generally subject to the Creative Commons license (usually CC-BY-NC-ND), deviations from this concern the retro-digitized content.

All common publication formats are offered on : essays, reviews, anthologies / conference volumes and monographs. only represents a publication environment for the individual formats, which can therefore keep their partly already established names (such as Francia ). Newly introduced forms of publication such as the “discussions” or “Friedrich300” have their own series character and are only hosted on The box bills of Frederick the Great are kept in the form of a database. also presents scientific conferences of the Max Weber Foundation under the heading "Sections" since 2010. The conferences are not made available as text documents, but in the form of audio recordings in mp3 format.


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