Wartenfels ruins (Thalgau)

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Wartenfels ruins
Wartenfels castle ruins, from the west ridge of the Schobers

Wartenfels castle ruins, from the west ridge of the Schobers

Creation time : 13th Century
Castle type : Hilltop castle
Conservation status: ruin
Standing position : Ministeriale
Place: Thalgau
Geographical location 47 ° 48 '55 "  N , 13 ° 18' 21"  E Coordinates: 47 ° 48 '55 "  N , 13 ° 18' 21"  E
Height: 924  m above sea level A.
Wartenfels ruins (State of Salzburg)
Wartenfels ruins

The Wartenfels castle ruins are the ruins of a hilltop castle at 924  m above sea level. A. in the municipality of Thalgau in the state of Salzburg , Austria . It is located around 20 kilometers east of Salzburg on a small ledge at the foot of the Schober ( 1020  m above sea level ).


Wartenfels Castle was built in 1259 by Konrad von Steinkirchen (probably a member of the Tanner) together with his son-in-law Konrad zu Kalham, the latter then called himself Konrad von Wartenfels. The castle appears in documents from 1267 and was sold in 1301 by another Konrad von Kalham with the associated goods to the Archbishop of Salzburg , Konrad IV ( daz purchstal ze Wartenuels ), but got it back as a fief. After the Kalhamers died out, the archbishop set up a nursing court on Wartenfels , which existed until 1564. During the Peasants' War of 1525/26, the castle was burned down and, despite compensation from the court officials, it was no longer completely rebuilt. In 1552 interior work was still being billed. In 1557 the castle roof was re-covered. Then the nursing court moved to a house in the center of Thalgau. For a while, the castle was still inhabited by hunters and gamekeepers, but was increasingly abandoned to decay and fell into disrepair except for a few remains of the outer masonry.

In 1541 Paracelsus allegedly stayed at the castle and he is also said to have had a close relationship with the keeper's sister, named Adelinde.

A "building yard" or Maierhof also belonged to the castle. This is the estate "In Prichsen" (Thalgau-Egg No. 3). Its first owner is a Chunradus who appeared in the diocese's court arbor in 1336. The courtyard was renewed in 1578. Today the Wartenfels ruins belong to the farm.

Wartenfels castle ruins today

The castle has a triangular floor plan, with the wall on the poorly protected east side being two meters thick. The castle gate must have stood in the eastern part, the foundation walls of a farm building can be seen in the lower courtyard area . From here a narrow access area secured by defensive walls extends up to the main castle . In the late Middle Ages, a small, ground-level extension was made in front of the main castle, which had its own kennel . Where the access to the stronghold was (possibly secured by a drawbridge ) is no longer verifiable. Significant remains of the wall are preserved on the wide west wall with wall teeth and the suggestion of three windows. Nothing is left of the former chapel .

Little can be said about the former appearance of the castle, as the windows that exist today were only created during the renovation. Because of the danger that existed for visitors to the old walls, the ruins were restored in 1981, whereby historical correctness was not placed too much value.



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