Petz rosin

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Petz Kolophonium, Rudolf Kögl
legal form Sole proprietorship (Austria)
founding 1912
Seat Vienna

The company Petz Rosin is an Austrian company which Colophons and cleaning oils for String Instruments manufactures.

Petz Kolophonium was founded in 1912 by Ernst Petzka in Vienna . Petzka was a musician himself and after long attempts he found a successful recipe for his rosin. The recognition of his violin resin by international musician colleagues spurred him on to produce it in larger numbers and to offer it worldwide.

His son took over the company, managed it until the end of the 1970s and finally handed it over to a long-term employee.

Production is currently in the hands of Elisabeth Kögl, while her husband Rudolf Kögl has taken over commercial management.

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