Right hand path

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The right hand path or path to the right hand ( Sanskrit .: दक्षिण मार्ग (m), Dakṣiṇa Marga ) or Right Hand Path (RHP) is an out of the Hindu - Tantra term borrowed from, which a company compliant exercise of religion called.

The path of the right hand is usually based on a thought of salvation , which sees the root of all suffering in the consciousness of the individual self, and is therefore suitable for summarizing the popular religions such as Hinduism , Buddhism , Judaism , Christianity and Islam under one common category.

At the same time, philosophical and religious currents that are incompatible with the right hand path can often be assigned to the left hand path .

The terms left-hand path and right-hand path are practically always used by representatives of “left-path” faiths. This dualism also has a rather antithetical character in the West, that is, it presents both directions as mutually exclusive. In their area of ​​origin, both poles are viewed more as mutually complementary.

In western neotantra , right-handed or white tantra is the practice of working meditatively and therapeutically in the seminars and dealing with nudity and erotic exercises very cautiously.