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Basic data

developer Computerinsel GmbH
Publishing year January 1996
Current  version 22.03
(August 2020)
operating system Windows , Mac OS X
category Image editing program
License Proprietary
German speaking Yes
PhotoLine on OS X
Different layers in PhotoLine (Windows), not overlapping. To the right of this is the dialog for managing the levels

PhotoLine ( PhotoLine 32 or PL32 up to version 13 ) is an image processing program from Computerinsel , a company based in Bad Gögging , Bavaria . It is distributed as shareware and was originally developed for the Atari Falcon 030 .


The current version of the program runs under different versions of Windows (from XP), Mac OS X (from 10.6) and under Linux / WINE. A special feature is the processing and also the combination of raster and vector graphics . It also has functions such as image overview, poster and label printing, generation of barcodes, creation of diagrams and offers basic layout capabilities (in document mode, for example, multi-page, print-ready documents can be created and exported as PDF files). A spell checker can also be integrated into Windows via Aspell ; the system's own checker is used under Mac OS X. PhotoLine comes with a large selection of filters and effects, but it can also be expanded with Photoshop plugins; PSP tubes can also be imported.

PhotoLine works with layer technology , work layers (adjustment layers) and layer styles (layer effects). Editing in 16-bit color depth per channel is supported throughout. Raster images can be converted into vector graphics. Recurring activities can be automated, the web export function makes it easier to choose the image format, creates GIF animations or generates buttons for websites along with HTML code. Reading, editing and saving of PDF files is also possible, Unicode is supported. In most of the filter dialogs, the individual (color) channels can be selected separately: In addition to CMYK , RGB and grayscale, HIS and Lab are also supported. A rudimentary import function for camera raw data formats is available.

PhotoLine supports almost complete color management according to ICC standards; including the free choice of working space, the conversion and assignment of color spaces, a private printer color management and soft proofing (print simulation).

The program is being further developed in close contact with the users and can be downloaded free of charge from the manufacturer's website for test purposes. The complete installation requires approx. 20 MB on a PC, 30 MB on a Mac (because of universal binary ) and is considered to be extremely stable.

As of May 2015, PhotoLine was available in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian and Chinese. The software can be downloaded as an installation package or ZIP file without an installer, both as a 32- and 64-bit version. Manuals in various languages ​​and formats are also available.


In July 2001, Heico Neumeyer wrote in the computer magazine Chip that the software was “suitable for processing graphic image elements on a vector basis” and that “the presettings for complex effect filters such as surface structures were well done”. In c't special issue Digital Photography Photo Line was 14.5 tested in February 2009 compared with other image editing programs. The conclusion was: “ Paint Shop Pro and PhotoLine restrict the range of functions far less than Photoshop Elements, but offer no image management and no output for web and video.” The PhotoLine software was published by Stiftung Warentest's test magazine, issue 2/2011, with the Rating 2.4 assessed: “Fast and resource-saving, but with gaps, especially in the presentation: no slideshows with audio, no export as mail attachments. No search for people, faces, places; no tool for leveling. Automatic tonal value correction very good, but fully automatic optimization weak. Manual editing, digital guidance and help good. Also for Mac OS X. “Photoline 32 was also taken into account in a comparison test by the computer magazine c't 3/2011 and in its Dutch edition 3/2011. MacWelt magazine rated it 1.8 in its 09/2010 issue and said: it was “not as tidy as some of its competitors” and “compared to Photoshop Elements 8 it did not offer as many wizards and help”. The "many professional functions at a low price" were positively highlighted. It was criticized that the "familiarization with the program ... more complex than in Photoshop Elements 8". Mac Life awarded 4 out of 6 points and rated both the functionality of the photo books and the operation with "satisfactory". In June 2019, Chip Online classified PhotoLine as an “insider tip for image editors - rich in functions and easy to use”.

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