Phrynichos (comedy poet)

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Phrynichos (Φρύνιχος) was a poet of the ancient Attic comedy from Athens.

Phrynichos is said to have made his debut as a comedy poet like Eupolis in 429 BC. Have given. In the list of winners of the Dionysia he is three places behind Aristophanes and two behind Eupolis. He won first prize twice at the Lenées . With the Dionysia he was 414 BC. Third with his piece "The Hermit" (Monotropós, Μονότροπος), 405 BC. BC he was with "The Muses" (Músai, Μοῦσαι) second in the Lenées. Ten of his works are still known by name today, but only very few fragments can still be reconstructed. In his piece “Konnos” (Κόννος) the music teacher of Socrates was probably the main character, the title hero of the “Hermit” was a figure that was reminiscent of that of the “Dyskolos” of Menander . In the “Muses” there was probably a poetry contest that was reminiscent of Aristophanes' “ The Frogs ” and in which Sophocles and Euripides probably competed against each other. In addition, he portrayed Athenians who are well known in the city in his plays in satirical form, such as Peisandros , Exekestides , Meton , Nikias and Syrakosios .