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Spatial planning and building law
Budget cycle using the example of the federal budget

Planning Law is such a right, whose character is not - - as usual with legal norms conditionally , but final is. In other words, planning law does not establish if-then rules for application to an indefinite number of cases, but is success-oriented. Particularly noteworthy here are the specialist planning and building planning law and budget law .

Forms of action of planning law

However, the plan does not represent its own form of action; Rather, it is to be qualified as a formal law (such as the budget ), statutory ordinance (such as a regional plan ) , statute ( development plan ) or an administrative act ( plan approval decision ).

Distribution of competencies

If a certain planning right cannot be clearly assigned to either the legislature or the executive , the executive is responsible for preparing the plan . As long as it is not a matter of the government's “core areas of executive responsibility”, parliament can also decide on fundamental questions itself.

An example of this is budget law. Budgetary planning cannot be clearly assigned to either the executive or the legislature. In addition to budget implementation, planning preparation, here drawing up the budget and introducing it into the legislative process ( budget initiative ), is the responsibility of the executive, while the establishment of the budget ( budget sovereignty ) is the responsibility of the legislature.


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Individual evidence

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