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Primas (plural in Latin Primates, otherwise Primasse [just like that for the first violinists in a Gypsy band] or Primaten [as a spiritual title next to Primasse])

  • Primate (religion) , a major bishop in Christian churches
  • Abbot Primate , the representative head of the Benedictine order and the Augustinian Canons
  • Prince Primate , chairman of the Rhine Confederation 1806–1813 and title of Archbishop of Gran
  • the Prímás is the first violinist in Hungarian gypsy bands


  • Egon Primas (* 1952), German politician (CDU), MdL Thuringia
  • Hans Primas (1928–2014), professor for physical and theoretical chemistry at ETH Zurich
  • Hugo Primas , the vagabond poet Hugo von Orléans , used as an honoring epithet for the first name Hugo (Hugo Primas)
  • Margarita Primas (* 1935), Swiss prehistorian
  • Randy Primas (1949–2012), American politician

PRIMAS is an abbreviation for:

  • PRIMAS , process-oriented integrated management system

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