Supracondylar process

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Small supracondylar process in the lateral x-ray of the elbow.
Supracondylar process in the lateral x-ray of the elbow.

The supracondylar process is a rare atavistic formation on the anterior ulnar side of the distal end of the humerus , about 6 to 7 cm proximal to the joint space. Synonyms are processus supracondylicus, tuberculum supratrochleare, humerus spur and English humeral supracondylar spur . It is a bony process that occurs in 0.7% - 2% of all people. The first description goes back to the anatomist F. Tiedemann in 1822. (quoted from)

This bone spur receded during phylogenesis , but is still present in other vertebrates (e.g. cats ) as a supracondylar foramen . A ligament ( Struthers ligament ) extends from this process to the medial epicondyle of the humerus and serves as the origin of the pronator teres muscle .

The brachial artery and the median nerve passing at present Processus supracondylar osteofibrous by a channel, the Canalis supracondylicus, which can lead to compression of the two structures.

In cats, too, these conduction pathways run through the supracondylar foramen.


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