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Profibus & Profinet International (PI) is an umbrella organization of 27 regional Profibus organizations, including the PROFIBUS user organization e. V. (PNO). Both are based in Karlsruhe.

The 1700 members of the PI are manufacturers and users of Profibus and Profinet , associations and research institutions, of which almost 400 are members of the PNO.

The aim is to further develop the technology and standards for Profibus and Profinet, as well as to promote the spread of these internationally. PI coordinates the projects of the Regional Profibus & Profinet Associations (RPA).


As part of a two-year joint fieldbus project , the Profibus is being implemented as a joint project. As the successor organization, the Profibus User Organization eV (PNO) was founded on November 13, 1989 with manufacturers and users from Germany.

In 1992, the first regional organization, Profibus Switzerland, was founded in Switzerland . In the following years France (1993), USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and South Africa follow - all in 1994. After the founding of the regional organization in Australia, Finland and Russia in 1995, the need for a coordinating umbrella organization had grown. This was founded on November 1st, 1995 in Düsseldorf by the present chairmen of the regional organizations as Profibus International (PI) and a first chairman was elected.

In the following years further RPAs (Regional Profibus & Profinet Association) were added: 1996 Brazil and Norway, 1997 China and Southeast Asia, 1998 the Czech Republic and Denmark, 1999 Ireland and Korea, 2000 Slovakia, 2004 Poland.

In 2006 the name was expanded to Profibus & Profinet International with the new technology , without changing the abbreviation PI.

The expansion has not yet been completed: in 2007 the organization for the Middle East (Dubai) was added and in 2009 the RPA in India. The establishment of a regional organization in Spain is in preparation for 2010.


PI has the following structure:

Profibus & Profinet International (PI)
PI Support Center (PISC)
Regional PROFIBUS Association (RPA)
Regional organizations support marketing in the respective region.
PI Competence Center (PICC)
competence centers in the individual regions provide technical support.
PI Training Center (PITC)
training centers train the specialists regionally.
PI Test Laboratories (PITL)
Test laboratories on different continents check the conformity and interoperability of products from different manufacturers.
Members, worldwide

The Business Office PI Support Center in Karlsruhe is the central point of contact for members and external partners. On behalf of PI, the PNO has set up specialist committees and working groups.


  • General Assembly (Members Assembly): selects Board and Advisors
    • Board (Board of Directors) is derived:
      • Business office
      • Certification Office
    • Advisory Board (Advisory Board) coordinates the technical committees (technical committees - TC)
      • TC1 Test and Certification
      • TC2 Communication Profiles
      • TC3 Application Profiles
      • TC4 system integration
      • TC5 Marketing
      • TC6 IO-Link

A certification body is connected to the PNO, which coordinates the test laboratories that test the products on the basis of Profibus and Profinet. The aim here is to check compliance with the standards in order to ensure the compatibility of the products of the various manufacturers.


The following technologies are supported by PI:

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