Project management up to date

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Project management up to date

description Project management
publishing company TÜV Media, Cologne
First edition 2001
Frequency of publication quarterly
Sold edition 4800 copies
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Editor-in-chief Heinz Schelle
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Projektmanagement aktuell is a specialist magazine . It is published by the German Society for Project Management with the assistance of the Swiss Society for Project Management and Projektmanagement Austria and published quarterly by TÜV Media in Cologne. The predecessor was the publication Projekt-Management , which appeared from 1990 to 2001 . The magazine aims to combine science and practice and is aimed particularly at project managers and consultants. It sees itself as the largest specialist publication of its kind in German-speaking countries. The editor-in-chief is Heinz Schelle. He is supported by an editorial advisory board from science and practice.

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