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ps (for process status ) is a Unix command that displays a list of all processes currently running or in zombie status on the screen .

The command has been available since at least Unix version V3. Frequently used call parameters are “ax” or “-ef” (depending on the Unix derivative). These cause a listing of all processes including the respective command line.

The output of the command has the following meaning:

Unique process ID
Size on the virtual memory (program + heap + stack )
Resident Set Size , is the size of the process in memory. In contrast to SIZE, the shared libraries are not included here
Terminal from which the process was started
Information on the current status of the process

Under Microsoft Windows there is a similar tool called tasklist.exe.

Application example

[slave@pc-x1y3z7 ~]$ ps -C nfsd

Shows all instances of the NFS daemon on a system.

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