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Psychosomatic clinics offer inpatient and day-clinic therapeutic support for psychosomatic and mental disorders. Treatment is predominantly based on therapy concepts based on depth psychology or behavioral therapy. In contrast to psychiatric clinics , no emergencies (e.g. acute risk of suicide, acute schizophrenia , acute need for care) are treated. Some clinics have their own profile with a " holistic- integrative" approach within a therapeutic community , e.g. B. after the Bad Herrenalber model . In some cases, addiction disorders are also treated here after detoxification .


Some clinics try to sharpen their profile by means of special treatment offers: Psychosomatic disorders, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder , depression , anxiety, borderline personality disorder , relationship disorders , burnout syndrome , sexual disorders, partnership problems, spiritual crises.

The length of stay is usually 6 to 10 weeks, with short-term therapy 2 to 4 weeks.

Occupational groups

The psychosomatic clinic is usually headed by a specialist in psychosomatic medicine , psychiatry and psychotherapy, possibly with the additional title of psychoanalysis or psychotherapy. Doctors, psychologists, family therapists, social workers, social pedagogues, body therapists, sports teachers, art and design therapists, nurses, theologians, etc. work as an interdisciplinary team in the therapy groups.


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Some members of pro mente austria criticize the German model of psychosomatic clinics as a "psychiatry light", since the patients treated there often do not suffer from psychosomatic problems, but mostly from anxiety disorders and depression, mild personality disorders and also mild alcohol diseases, for which, according to Pro mente modern scientific psychiatry and psychotherapy primarily suggests outpatient forms of therapy and non-inpatient admissions.

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