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Pure C is a further development of Borland Turbo C , for computers of the Atari ST / TT series and their successors. This ANSI C - Compiler package quickly developed into one of the favorite tools of Atari programmers. In addition to the IDE implemented in GEM , advantages were the help function, a fast one-pass compiler that ensured short turnaround times, a make system and good code generation. The scope of delivery included the IDE, the editor, make, compiler and linker, the graphical debugger and the command line versions of the compiler, linker and debugger (bug.ttp).

Originally distributed by Application Systems Heidelberg (ASH), Pure C was discontinued in the early 1990s.

Pure C masters almost the entire ANSI-C standard as well as some of its own extensions. A successor that should also be able to master C ++ was started, but never completed.

Pure Pascal was also developed by the same manufacturer, but unlike Pure C it did not have a GEM-based IDE and pursued a different concept.

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