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In Bavaria, Hesse, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia, the qualifying secondary school certificate (QA or also called Quali) is a special performance assessment of the secondary school , in Bavaria meanwhile middle school , which one can take voluntarily. Even high school students and high school students of the 9th grade may participate as external. The qualifying secondary school leaving certificate improves the chances of finding an apprenticeship for secondary school students.


Registration for the degree takes place in Bavaria at the respective secondary school on March 1st.

Acquired access authorizations

The QA entitles you to attend vocational schools and business schools (WS) in the two-year form (10th and 11th grade of the WS).

With an average of 2.33 in the subjects German, mathematics and English, the pupil can advance to the 10th school year. If you are 2.66 or worse, you must take an entrance exam in order to advance to 10th grade (M10). The secondary school leaving certificate can be obtained there.


The secondary school leaving certificate consists of five examination groups, some of which can be chosen by yourself.

  • Group 3 (project assessment - compulsory subject):
  • Group 5 (voluntary):
    • English
    • Sports
    • music
    • Art education
    • Computer science
    • Shorthand
    • Accounting

Before the start of the exams for the Quali, annual grades are set in the examination subjects that correspond to the normal certificate grades.

For the assessment, annual progress grades and examination grades are added together, with grades in German, mathematics, English and in physics-chemistry-biology or in history-social studies-geography counting twice. The total of the grades is then divided by 18. With an average of at least 3.05 the student has passed, between 3.05 and 3.16 the student can still take an oral exam in German, mathematics or English.

The pupils in grade 9 of the Mittlere-Reife-Zug (M-Klassen) decide for themselves whether they take part in the special performance assessment for the qualifying graduation of the middle school or not. If you have decided to take part, you can do so as an external participant (without crediting the annual grades) or as a student (with crediting the annual grades).

Individual evidence

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