Quintus Hortensius

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Quintus Hortensius was a Roman politician from the plebeian hydrangea family who lived at the beginning of the 3rd century BC. Lived.

To protest against the oppressive debt bondage , the plebs - the non-noble Roman people - moved in 287 BC. From Rome and gathered on the hill Ianiculum . Such a secessio plebis was a kind of strike against the military constitution, which functioned as a means of pressure, because the Roman nobility (the patriciate ) relied on the military service of the plebs to wage war. Faced with this emergency, Hortensius, a plebeian, was made dictator . As a reaction he introduced a law, the Lex Hortensia , with which the resolutions of the plebs ( plebis scitum , plebiscite ) were given the rank of a lex and were thus binding for the entire people - including the patricians, who for a while still followed the law Refused recognition to apply to the nobility as well. In addition, in the interests of the rural population, the Nundinae were set as court days.

With the Lex Hortensia, the class fights in Rome ended.