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The Royal Tilleur Football Club , often abbreviated as RFC Tilleur , was a Belgian football club from the municipality of Saint-Nicolas that existed until 1995. In total, the club played 21 first-rate seasons and 37 second-rate seasons. In the meantime a new association with the same name was founded.


The club was founded around 1900 and was first listed by the Belgian Football Association in 1904 , of which it officially became a member in 1905. From 1909 the club started in the regular game of the association, and from then on played in the 2nd division . At the end of the 1919/20 season , the club was second division champions, but that year the promotion was suspended. It was only after the second division championship in 1925 that the club played in the 1st division in the 1925/26 season , but rose directly from the bottom of the league . In the following years, primarily the second division, the flying visits in the 1928/29 and 1933/34 seasons in the first division ended with direct relegation. Only after rising again in 1941 did the club stay in the top division, which was paused between 1944 and 1945 because of the Second World War . In the first post-war season 1945/46 the team occupied a relegation place together with RCS Brugge , but rose again in 1948. Until they were relegated again in 1959, the club stayed in the first division for over a decade, and from 1964 to 1967 it was also part of the Belgian elite series. In 1976 the club went down to the third class for the first time, followed by the fall into the fourth class in 1983. In 1995 the club merged with the RFC Liège , until 2000 the club joined under the name RFC Tilleur Liège .

The Football Club Tilleur-Saint-Nicolas was founded in 2002 and merged with the Royal Cercle Sportif Saint-Gilles to form the Royal Football Club Tilleur-Saint-Gilles the following year . In 2014 the club merged with the Royal Football Club Cité Sport Grâce Hollogne , after the merger the name Royal Football Club Tilleur was reactivated and taken over.