Raiffeisenbank Plankstetten

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Logo of the cooperative banks  Raiffeisenbank Plankstetten AG
Country GermanyGermany Germany
Seat Berching
legal form Corporation
Bank code 760 695 76
founding 1896
Website www.raiffeisenbank-plankstetten.de
Business data 2017
Total assets € 150 million
insoles € 100 million
Customer credit € 140 million
Employee 20th
Offices 2
Board Elmar Weiß (Chairman)
Walter Frank
Supervisory board Ursula Gomringer (Chair)
List of cooperative banks in Germany

The Raiffeisenbank Plankstetten AG is a credit institution in the legal form of a joint stock company within the cooperative financial network of cooperative banks. The bank, based in the Plankstetten district of the city of Berching ( Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate in Bavaria ) was founded in 1896 in the legal form of a cooperative and converted into a stock corporation in 2010.


The Raiffeisenbank was founded in 1896. The first office was in the lower part of the village on the Neumarkt – Dietfurt railway line . The bank later moved to the former school building in Plankstetten.

In 1999 the bank was financially almost at an end and the cooperative association was in favor of replacing the board with a high severance payment, which would also have been financed by the cooperative association. The replacement took place shortly afterwards without any severance payments, but the dispute persisted as the merger with Raiffeisenbank Berching failed to materialize. Between 2005 and 2010 there was a violent dispute with the Bavarian Cooperative Association. He tried several times with costly compulsory tests to force the bank to merge. In the course of 2007, Raiffeisenbank Plankstetten was the first bank to be excluded from the Bavarian Cooperative Association and joined the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Cooperative Auditing Association . The only way to secure the bank's long-term independence and independence was to transform it into a stock corporation. The conversion was decided almost unanimously by the members, which became legally binding on August 30, 2010.

The first criticisms quickly fell silent when the first business results after the conversion were announced. Since then, the bank has achieved new record profits every year and reports results far above those of other cooperative banks; the balance sheet total has more than tripled, the operating results and retained earnings confirm that long-term independence is assured. The number of employees was more than doubled and the bank's headquarters in Plankstetten was extensively renovated between 2016 and 2018.

Corporate structure

As a bank, Raiffeisenbank Plankstetten operates the universal banking business and has customers throughout Germany. The bank has two branches, the main office in Plankstetten and a branch in Kevenhüll. Raiffeisenbank Plankstetten AG is affiliated with the officially recognized BVR Institutssicherung GmbH and the additional voluntary security scheme of the Federal Association of German Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks eV.

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