Ramswaroop Verma

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Ramswaroop Verma (born August 22, 1923 in the village of Gaurikaran, Uttar Pradesh , † August 19, 1998 in Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh) was an Indian civil rights activist. He is the founder of the Arjak Sangh humanist association .


Verma graduated from Allahabad University and Agra University . He rejected the existence of God and soul . He also rejected the concepts of karma and fatalism . He campaigned vehemently against Brahmanism and its caste system and for the rights and freedom of the citizens. He founded the weekly Arjak Saptahik . He was influenced by Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar .

Work (selection)

  • Manavwadi Prashnotri (Humanistic Questions-Answers) (1984), Lucknow
  • Kranti Kyon aur Kaise (Revolution: Why and How?) (1989), Lucknow
  • Manusmriti Rashtra ka Kalank (Manusmriti as a national disgrace) (1990), Lucknow
  • Niradar kaise mite? (How to Eliminate Contempt?) (1993), Lucknow
  • Achuton ki Samasya aur Samadhan (The Problem of the Untouchables and its Solution) (1984), Lucknow

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