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The ranchu (Japanese: Katakana: ラ ン チ ュ ウ; Kanji: 蘭 鋳, 蘭 虫 or 卵 虫) (German name: "Buffalo head") is a cultivated form of the goldfish ( Carassius gibelio forma auratus, Bloch 1782 ). It is characterized by an "egg-shaped" body shape and a lack of dorsal fin.

This form of cultivation is often viewed as torture breeding without evidence.


The goldfish cultivated forms in China with their several hundred variations have been used for centuries from mutations by Carassius gibelio forma auratus (Bloch, 1782) . The red gold colored mutations of the silver gable were of breeding origin .


According to British standards, the body shape is round, with a more curved back and a shorter and more splayed, divided caudal fin. The tail stalk is inclined 90 °, the tail fin should be carried accordingly low. The hood of the Ranchu is not as pronounced as that of the Lionhead, but in any case it also reaches far down on the sides of the head. The pelvic fins are half as long as the body height; the other fins shorter. A distinction is made between sideview and topview Ranchu, so the optimal view is from above or from the side. The cultivar itself is no more difficult to grow than any other goldfish cultivar. The number of usable offspring depends on the selection of the parent animals from a solid breed line and the experience / eye of the experienced breeder. As with all breeding forms of ornamental fish, a selection of the most beautiful animals is required. Ranchu usually come from warm Asian countries. Apart from imports from cool regions, they are rather unsuitable for ponds in Germany and highly recommended for keeping in the aquarium.


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