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Fringe sport refers to those sports that are only marginally perceived by the mass media and the public .

Which sports are included varies from region to region. Baseball , the main media event in the USA alongside American football , ice hockey and basketball with billions in sales, is a little-noticed fringe sport in Europe. In contrast, football in the USA is barely noticed in the media. In Germany, sport shooting is also one of the marginal sports, although the number of members of the shooting sports associations is regularly in third or fourth place in statistics.

The term “fringe sport” is associated with the media perspective - related to the economic usability of this sport. There are complex interactions between public interest and media presence.

Sports that are preferred by elite circles do not fall under this designation, even if there is a lack of public and media interest, for example golf , ocean yachting, polo or dressage riding .

Fringe sports are sports that are practiced by comparatively few people and / or enjoy little public interest. Fringe sports are mostly practiced by athletes who practice their sport as amateurs .


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