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Rare Folk is a Spanish music group from Tomares, near Seville in Andalusia .

Rare folk
General information
Genre (s) Folk music
founding 1992
Website www.rarefolk.net
Current occupation
Mandolin, bouzouki, darbuka, programming
Mangu Diaz
Rubén Diez
Marcos Munne
Violin, keyboard instruments
Leslie Jordan
Rafa Rabal (since 2013)
Oscar "Mufas" Valero
former members
Fernando Reina 1992-2013


The beginning of the band in 1992 is all about traditional Celtic music . Rare folk mixes Celtic music with jazz and rock, oriental and African rhythms, sounds and rhythms from electronic music such as breakbeat and drum and bass .

The band released their debut album in 1993 under the title Rare Folk . The second album Green (1998) made Rare Folk one of the winners of Injuve '99, a competition organized by the Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud in Andalusia. This gave the band the opportunity to perform at various festivals (Ortigueira, Festa da Carballeira, Foliada Folk, Ortigueira, Getxo Folk, etc.) throughout Spain. With the third album Unima Verse (2001) Rare Folk achieved a form in which the different, original styles achieve a unity. This album is followed by invitations from and performances in Mexico, Ireland, England and Portugal.

In 2005 Rare Folk contributed the music for the film Chapapote… o no , a co-production and the like. a. by Canal Sur , which deals with the sinking of the Prestige ship and the subsequent oil spill on the Galician coast.

With the founding of her own record company Fusion Art and distribution through Sonifolk, the following two albums, Natural Fractals (2008) and Go (2011), achieved even greater distribution. With the Irish singer Cathy Jordan ( Dervish ) and the violist Dee Armstrong ( Kila ), Rare Folk have also found two musicians who fit in very well with the ensemble.


  • 1994: Rare Folk (Q Records)
  • 1998: Green (BMG - Discos de Arte)
  • 2001: Unima Verse (Fusion Art)
  • 2006: Natural Fractals (Fusion Art)
  • 2011: Go (Fusion Art)


  • 1998: Navidades de Arte (BMG-Ariola)
  • 1999: Musica Celta sonidos de una identidad mágica (RBA Editores)
  • 1999: Naciones Celtas II (Fonofolk)
  • 2006: Funclub 20 Aniversario

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