Raster nautical chart

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The Raster Nautical Cart is an electronic nautical chart in the form of a raster map . It is scanned from official paper cards and complies with the international IHO regulations .


Raster maps can be displayed on the screen with a computer program. Unlike in vector maps , no data can be stored or queried. If data is added from a GPS system, the ship's position can also be displayed on the map.

Due to their pixel structure, raster maps only provide extensive information. Detailed information on the individual objects is completely missing; beacon identifications, for example, cannot be read. Official RNCs are manufactured and georeferenced according to the IHO standard S-61 , which means that the exact position can be read off for every point on the map. RNCs offer the same functionality as paper nautical charts and are suitable for position determination and route planning, but they are only conditionally suitable for navigation .

British raster maps

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) publishes official raster data that is approved for ECDIS . The data distributed in the ARCS format (Admiralty Raster Chart System) is available worldwide and is corrected weekly according to the news for seafarers .

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