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RealMedia is the collective name for the file formats and the associated client and server products from the software manufacturer RealNetworks .

In particular, Real Media refers to the audio format RealAudio and the video format RealVideo .


RealMedia is mainly used as a so-called browse quality format, for example for web radios that broadcast in RealAudio format, as well as for video and audio samples on the Internet .

The RealMedia formats are of particular importance in streaming offers on the Internet. They can be streamed using the RTSP , RTP , PNM , HTTP and UDP protocols and can contain several qualitatively different versions (with different bandwidths) of the same content, so that finally, thanks to the SureStream process, users with different network connections (LAN, DSL or ISDN ) the quality that is optimal for your connection is sent.

RealMedia files have the file extensions .ra for audio, .rv, .rm and .rmvb for video and .ram and .rpm as meta file formats, i.e. files that refer to the actual multimedia file.

Alternatives to RealMedia at the time were, for example, QuickTime from Apple , Windows Media (WMA) from Microsoft and Adobe Flash . RealMedia has now been largely supplanted by more modern streaming formats and more efficient audio and video codecs.

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