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Headquarters in the Seattle Home Plate Center

RealNetworks [ ˈɹiːəlˌnɛtwɝːks ] (originally Progressive Networks ) is a company based in Seattle , Washington , USA , that offers a variety of streaming media products.


The then Progressive Networks developed a protocol for transmitting audio and video data in real time as early as 1994: RealAudio .

The product range includes the Helix Media Delivery Platform , the RealPlayer streaming client and RealVideo . Other products are RealMusic , the VidZone Jukebox and the game software RealArcade (since October 2001).

Philip Rosedale was CTO of the company until 1999 , after which he founded Linden Lab .

After Microsoft and Apple also entered the streaming solutions market, the company came under increasing pressure and released parts of the source code in 2002, probably to secure market shares for its own formats, which have since been further developed as open source in the Helix Project .

Since mid-2004, Real Networks has also been operating the online music service RealMusic Store , which is based on Rhapsody , which it acquired together with , and is designed to compete with Apple's iTunes Store .

The CEO is Rob Glaser . Real Networks has various strategic partnerships, including with the music magazine Rolling Stone , BBC News , CNN , MTV and EuroNews .

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