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A streaming client is a special client for streaming media ; this can either be an application or an end device .

Screenshot of an internet media stream

Typical streaming clients support special streaming protocols such as RTP , RTCP and / or RSVP .



Streaming client providers include a. RealNetworks (formerly Progressive Networks ), Microsoft and Apple . Streaming clients are also being developed in the open source community, for example in the Helix , LScube , VideoLAN and Catra Streaming Platform projects .

Complete multimedia solutions


Commercial providers of streaming clients

Available for all Java- enabled systems are e.g. B. the FlexPlayer, which support the audio formats Ogg and MP3 as well as the MPEG 1 video format. They can be integrated into a website as an applet .

There are also some commercial clients that are only available free of charge in functionally reduced versions:

Non-commercial streaming clients

The non-commercial clients are licensed as either free software or open source :

  • Helix Player (GNU / Linux, Solaris, Symbian) or Helix DNA Client : Support for Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora and H261 as well as streaming via RTSP
  • Libnemesi, player framework for the LScube streaming project
  • MPlayer (GNU / Linux, Windows, Mac OS X): Support for various free codecs as well as some proprietary Windows codecs such as Intel Indeo , MJPEG, ASF and ASV2 as well as WMV1, Sorenson v1 (SVQ1) and Real Player (RV20 / 30, Cook )
  • No23 Recorder : Free recorder for recording Internet radio; supports the formats MP3, Ogg, WAV
  • Screamer Radio (Windows 95 or higher ): Slim, fast freeware player
  • S60 Internet radio : Free implementation of an Internet radio for the Symbian S60 platform.
  • Totem Media Player - Gnome : Standard player using Xine or Gstreamer.
  • VLC media player (cross platform)
  • Xine : multimedia player that supports many standards.

The GStreamer framework serves as the basis for many players under Linux.


Various tools can record ( rip ) audio streams :


Internet radios and Internet-enabled televisions

Internet radio from Kerbango

So-called internet radios or modern internet-enabled televisions can be used as streaming clients . Televisions that are not yet internet-enabled can be retrofitted with set-top boxes that play video and audio content from hard drives, DVD / Blu-ray discs or over the network. Modern televisions can also be expanded with HDMI sticks to receive streaming services.

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