Reality Show - Clueless Famous

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Television series
German title Reality Show - Clueless Famous
Original title Reality show
Reality Show Logo.jpg
Country of production United States
original language English
year 2012
length 22 minutes
Episodes 10 in 1 season
genre Comedy , mockumentary
idea Adam Rifkin
First broadcast November 1, 2012 (USA) on Comedy Central
first broadcast
June 9, 2013 on Comedy Central Germany

Reality Show - Unknowingly famous (original title Reality Show ) is an American comedy series that can be seen in Germany (first broadcast: June 9, 2013) on the television station Comedy Central . The 10 episodes of the series ran in the US in 2012.


The series is a mockumentary about the producer Mickey Wagner, who wants to revolutionize reality TV . In his new show, cameras are secretly hidden in a randomly selected family in their house. But a problem quickly arises: The Warwick family is boring. To save the show, staff, actors, and porn actors are making sure that something happens. The family man Dennis is laid off and cannot find a new job, the mother Katherine cheats on Dennis with a porn actor, and the daughter Amy begins to consume alcohol and drugs. The family falls apart when Dennis accidentally runs over the Warwick dog. Amy leaves home and hits a pregnant woman while drunk and kills her. When Dennis wants to visit his daughter in prison, he finds her hanged in the cell. In shock, he drives home to tell his wife about it, but she catches her there on an affair. Dennis runs amok and kills his wife and her lover. However, before his death, he reveals that Dennis is the focus of the reality show. Dennis tracks down Mickey Wagner. After a car chase, Dennis is finally shot by the police. Mickey Wagner's comeback was a success anyway and he is known as a television revolutionary. The tragic death of the Warwicks is considered necessary by the media celebrating Wagner and justified for the show that entertains millions.


  • Mickey Wagner is a television producer of numerous notorious reality shows. He falls out of favor with the broadcaster when a candidate dies of a heart attack on one of his shows. In order to polish up his image again, Mickey now wants to revolutionize the reality TV format by placing a randomly selected family under permanent observation.
  • Dennis Warwick is the head of the Warwick family. Until episode 7 he was an accountant. However, he was fired because Mickey's team manipulated his computer to create accounting errors. The team also tried to lure Dennis into adultery by setting several actresses on him, but all of them failed. After his daughter Amy has committed suicide and he catches his wife in flagrante delicacies, he runs amok and kills his wife and her lover, who tells him everything about the show beforehand. When Dennis finds the cameras, he goes nuts and wants to kill Mickey. He can catch him after a chase. But when Dennis tries to pull the trigger, the police shoot him.
  • Katherine Warwick is the wife of Dennis Warwick. before she became a mother, she worked as a teacher. She has been a housewife since Amy's birth. After her husband refuses to let the actresses bring him to extramarital sex, Mickey puts a porn actor on her (a masseur from a spa for Katherine, Chad). This succeeds in seducing Katherine. After she throws Dennis out of the common house, she brings Chad to her home. Dennis, who wants to inform them of the death of their daughter, catches the two during intercourse and knocks them down with a poker. Before Dennis shoots her, he tells her that Amy is dead.
  • Amy Warwick is the daughter of Katherine and Dennis Warwick. At the beginning of the series she is shown as a model student who gets admission to Harvard University . She has a boyfriend, Mike, with whom she won't have sex until after the wedding. Mike, however, is paired up by Mickey with her best friend Stacey via manipulated SMS. Controlled by Mickey, Amy catches the two and ends the relationship with Mike and the friendship with Stacy. Mickey casts a new friend for Amy, Yvonne. The friendship develops because Yvonne can convince the gullible Amy that the same thing happened to Amy to her. Yvonne intentionally pulls Amy on the wrong track. As a result, Amy's performance at school deteriorates and she begins to use alcohol and drugs. When Amy gets the credit card and the car from her parents, Yvonne can persuade her to take nude photos in order to get some money. In the last episode, Mike bursts into a party where she loses her virginity to a stranger and confronts the 16-year-old with the nude photos. When she leaves the party, she runs over a pregnant woman while drunk and drugged, is then arrested by the police and, in desperation, hangs herself in the prison cell.
  • Yvonne is Amy's new best friend. She is cast by Mickey and targeted to make the life of the Warwicks more interesting for the television audience.


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