Legal application center

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The legal department is in Germany an institution of the court to accept complaints , requests or other declarations, according to the rules of procedure for the record of the office can be explained by the Court. The possibility of logging declarations for the record of the office is for the local courts in § 496 ZPO , for the labor courts in § 46 Abs. 2 S. 1 ArbGG , § 495 , § 496 ZPO, for the tax courts in § 64 FGO , for theSocial courts in § 90 SGG and for the administrative courts in § 81 VwGO .

According to § 24 RPflG, the duties of the legal petitioner are usually carried out by the judicial officer . The activity of the legal petitioner is to ensure that the citizen's legal concerns are drafted in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the respective procedural rules. Legal advice may not take place beyond the information required for this .