Rega Research

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Rega Research Ltd.

legal form Limited (Ltd)
founding 1973
Seat Essex United Kingdom
United KingdomUnited Kingdom 
management Tony Relph, Roy Gandy
Branch Consumer electronics

Rega Research Ltd. is a manufacturer of high quality hi - fi equipment from England. The company was founded in 1973 by Tony Relph and Roy Gandy. The name was derived from the surnames of the founders ( Re lph and Ga ndy).

Rega P3 turntable from 2009

Rega is best known for its turntables , which are sold under the name "Planar" in various designs and price ranges. The two best-selling models "Planar 2" and "Planar 3" (officially designated as P2 / P3 for a number of years), which appeared in the mid- 1970s , are still available today and have only been slightly modified over the decades.

A characteristic feature of Rega turntables is that the equipment is usually very simple. Automatic functions are completely dispensed with, with many models even the speed is switched between 33 and 45 rpm manually by moving the drive belt. However, the devices are made of high quality materials. Rega's tonearms, such as the "RB250" and "RB300", are also used in their turntables by many other manufacturers.

In addition to turntables, Rega also offers other hi-fi devices such as amplifiers (e.g. "Brio"), CD players (e.g. "Planet", "Isis"), loudspeakers and pickups (e.g. "Elys") , "Bias").

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