Rehabilitation provider

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In Germany, rehabilitation agencies are institutions that carry out and provide measures and services for social, medical or professional rehabilitation .

The type and scope of the individual rehabilitation measures and services for participation are regulated in Sections 1–59 of SGB ​​IX and in the individual books of the Social Security Code.

Depending on the area of ​​responsibility, the rehabilitation providers according to Section 6 (1) SGB ​​IX are the

All rehabilitation providers are obliged to provide the disabled people with comprehensive information and advice on possible rehabilitation measures. The joint service points according to Section 22 of Book IX of the Social Code have been created for cross-agency advice in the application and benefit procedure . The integration offices , which are not rehabilitation providers themselves, are also involved in the regulations for cooperation and ensuring the most seamless rehabilitation possible for severely disabled people through to the workplace with their services for accompanying help in working life (Section 10 (2), Section 11 (1)). 3, Section 102 (5) SGB IX).

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