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The Office for Securing the Integration of Severely Disabled People in Working Life ("Integration Office") according to Section 184 Paragraph 1 No. 1 Ninth Book of the Social Code (SGB IX) is an authority in Germany that carries out tasks according to the law on severely disabled people (Part 3 of SGB IX) Fulfills. In Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia they are known as the Inclusion Office. Until 2001 these tasks were carried out by the main welfare offices of the federal states.

Tasks (focus)

According to § 168 Ninth Book of the Social Security Code (SGB IX), dismissals by severely disabled or equivalent disabled employees are ineffective (void) if they are made without the prior consent of the Integration Office. The severe disability or equality must have already been recognized upon receipt of the notice of termination, or the application for a severely disabled person's pass or for equality must have been submitted at least three weeks before receipt of the notice of termination.


The services of the integration office represent an individual supplement to the services of the rehabilitation provider, tailored to the special requirements of the workplace . They are financed from the funds of the equalization tax.

The integration office itself is not a separate rehabilitation provider according to Section 6 of Book IX of the Social Code, but works closely with them and with employers , employers' associations , trade unions and associations for the disabled.


The integration offices are organized in the individual federal states at local or state level . The federal states are authorized to transfer individual tasks of the integration offices according to the law for severely disabled persons to local so-called specialist offices for disabled people at work or pension offices :

At the federal level, the integration offices have merged with the main welfare offices to form the Federal Working Group of Integration Offices and Main Welfare Offices (BIH), which today consists of 17 integration offices and main welfare offices, as well as the 17 supply administrations from the federal states and the Bundeswehr administration in Düsseldorf as the "main welfare office" for soldiers. The BIH is chaired and managed by one of its members for several years - currently at the LVR Inclusion Office of the Rhineland Regional Association in Cologne.

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