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Headquarters of the LVwA in the building of the former Reichsbahndirektion Halle

The state administrative office of Saxony-Anhalt is the general upper state authority with its seat in Halle (Saale) . It was erected on January 1, 2004. The state administrative office performs all tasks at the upper administrative level of the state administration, unless the responsibility of another state authority or institution of the state is determined, and ensures uniform administrative implementation. As an enforcement, supervisory, objection, approval and approval authority, its tasks extend across all departments of the ministries of Saxony-Anhalt. The tasks of the state administration, which are separated in the ministries according to functional criteria, are brought together and coordinated. Bundling means [here] the processing of a problem from the different perspectives, including the various disciplines. It stands between the state government (state chancellery and ministries) and the lower state authorities (this includes in particular the districts and independent cities, insofar as they perform tasks in the assigned sphere of activity ).

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for supervising the LVwA . The technical supervision , on the other hand, depends on the department in which department the LVwA is active.

History and structure

Branch LVwA in Magdeburg

The State Administration Office was established on January 1, 2004 due to the law on the reorganization of the State administration on December 17, 2003. While 22 special authorities were (u. A. The state education offices , the offices of Supply and Social Affairs and the State Office of Supply and Social Affairs) and the three regional councils Magdeburg, Halle and Dessau incorporated into the LVwA.

The headquarters of the LVwA is in Halle (Saale) . Subsidiaries were set up according to the former administrative districts in Dessau-Roßlau and the state capital Magdeburg .

The LVwA is divided into five departments: Central Service Department, Municipal Affairs, Order, Consumer Protection and Migration Department, Economy, Culture, Building and Transport Department, Agriculture and Environment Department, Family, Health, Youth and Supply Department.


The range of tasks of the State Administration Office comprises around 1,000 administrative tasks, with these being performed both in the first instance and in the function of an objection authority. In addition to administrative practice, the employees specialize in the fields of transport , nature and environmental protection , education and psychology .

The fields of activity are broad and range from A for species protection or recognition of GDR certificates to E for (social) compensation law to Z for Central Adoption Office.

One of the elementary and central tasks of the LVwA is the exercise of municipal supervision over the districts and independent cities of Saxony-Anhalt . If municipalities, cities, administrative communities, rural districts and urban districts act within the framework of their local self-government in accordance with Art. 28 Paragraph 2 GG, their tasks are subject to the legal supervision of the LVwA. This concerns v. a. the approval of municipal budgets and finances and has far-reaching implications for investment activities in the municipal sector.

The state administrative office is also the specialist supervision for municipal authorities if they carry out tasks in the so-called assigned sphere of activity that have been assigned to them in accordance with state or federal laws.

At the same time, the LVwA fulfills specialist tasks that are subject to the technical supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economics and Labor. The offices for agriculture, land consolidation and forestry (ALFF ) are assigned to the LVwA as lower state authorities.

Since December 28, 2009 the LVwA has been the "point of single contact" based on the EU service directive, i. H. a kind of official guide for vacancies in the private sector. "Process managers" support people working in the EU service sector who want to settle in Saxony-Anhalt.

The Department of Transportation is also responsible for keeping the streets of Saxony-Anhalt in order. It issues the permits for heavy goods transport and at the same time determines the route and the period of transport. The LVwA has to monitor these transports, which severely impair and also endanger the traffic.

The Pension Office-Severely Handicapped Law Department is responsible for carrying out the test procedure for issuing a severely handicapped ID card . In the course of demographic change and the increase in the number of old people and people in need of care, the LVwA's supervision of nursing homes has become a more important task.

The state of Saxony-Anhalt has two biosphere reserves (karst landscape southern Harz and Middle Elbe) and a nature park (Drömling), which are technically assigned to the department for agriculture and the environment of the LVwA. The LVwA is the upper nature conservation authority and, in addition to the lower nature conservation authorities and associations, is responsible for maintaining the biodiversity and abundance of flora and fauna.

Furthermore, the LVwA is the disaster control authority of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. In the event of a disaster, the authority acts as a crisis manager and informs citizens and the media. It coordinates requests for help and distributes aid supplies and helpers in order to avert greater damage to the population, which is why it is connected to a liaison command with the state command of Saxony-Anhalt , among other things .


  • 2004 - 05/2011: Thomas Leimbach (CDU) (previously head of the development team and from 2003 at the same time regional president of Halle, Dessau and Magdeburg)
  • since 05/2011: Thomas Pleye

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