Reich Railway Directorate Halle

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Main building of the former Reichsbahndirektion Halle, today the state administration office of Saxony-Anhalt
neighboring Reichsbahnamts building in Halle (Saale)
Reichsbahnamtsgebäude Leipzig
Locomotive signs on an E04 electric locomotive in the Rbd Halle

The Reichsbahndirektion Halle was a railway directorate in Halle (Saale)


The Royal Railway Directorate in Halle was established in 1895 in the area of ​​the Prussian State Railways . When the Prussian State Railroad merged with the Deutsche Reichsbahn in 1920, the management was subsequently renamed Reichsbahndirektion Halle , which it also kept during the GDR era. The directorates of the Deutsche Reichsbahn were abolished when the Deutsche Bahn AG was founded in 1994 and their tasks were transferred to the local business units.

Area of ​​responsibility

The area of ​​the directorate extended over the southern parts of the Prussian provinces of Saxony and Brandenburg and reached in the east into the western tip of the province of Silesia . In addition, the Saxon area around Leipzig also belonged to the administrative district.

Significant routes within the management were:

the routes departing from Leipzig

  • to Zeitz– (Gera)
  • to Altenburg (Thür) - (Hof)
  • to Wurzen– (Dresden)
  • to Geithain− (Karl-Marx-Stadt)

the cross tracks

  • Zeitz - Altenburg (Thür)
  • Pegau - Neukieritzsch - Borna (near Leipzig) - Geithain - (Karl-Marx-Stadt)


The main building of railway management is at the Ernst-Kamieth -Straße (between Maybach road and Budde street) close to the main railway station and was 1901/1902 under the direction of architects and Prussian Baubeamten Paul Thoemer and Eduard Fürstenau built. With four wings on a rectangular floor plan, the building encloses a total of five inner courtyards, one of which is large in the center and four smaller ones in the corners of the complex. With the corner towers, the central risalit and a large staircase, it is one of the largest historical administration buildings in Halle (Saale). A later extension on the opposite corner property for the Reichsbahnamt Halle was connected to the main building by a closed connecting bridge over Buddestrasse.


The records of the Reichsbahndirektion Halle are in the Dessau department of the Saxony-Anhalt State Archives .


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