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The main welfare offices of the federal states in Germany were responsible for tasks under the Severely Disabled Persons Act and the social compensation law under the Federal Pension Act (BVG) until SGB ​​IX came into effect on July 1, 2001 .

The authority that has been performing the tasks according to the new law for severely disabled persons (Part 3 SGB IX) since this date is now the Integration Office .

However, the main welfare office continues to be responsible for individual benefits under the Federal Supply Act (BVG) to war victims , disabled persons ( war victims welfare ), victims of acts of violence and other injured persons as well as their surviving dependents. The main welfare office is also the rehabilitation provider for benefits for participation in working life and for benefits for participation in community life (cf. § 6 SGB IX).

The main welfare offices in the federal states are organized locally or by the state. In some federal states (e.g. North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein) the tasks of the main welfare office are in part carried out by specialist offices for disabled people at work.

The tasks of the main welfare offices include all war victim welfare services (§§ 25 ff. BVG). The main welfare office is generally responsible for benefits to persons entitled to special welfare (Section 27e BVG). The services at a glance:

  • Benefits for participation in working life (Section 26 BVG) and transition allowance (Section 26a BVG)
  • Sick assistance (§ 26b BVG)
  • Help with care (§ 26c BVG)
  • Budgetary maintenance benefits (Section 26d BVG)
  • Elderly assistance (§ 26e BVG)
  • Education allowance (§ 27 BVG)
  • Supplementary support for living expenses (Section 27a BVG)
  • Recreational aids (Section 27b BVG)
  • Housing assistance (§ 27c BVG)
  • Help in special life situations (Section 26d BVG), including in particular benefits for participation in community life.

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