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Range stands for:

  • Effective range (weapon) , distance to the target up to which a firearm can be used
  • Range (missile) , maximum flight distance of military missiles
  • Range (radio technology) , maximum distance between transmitter and receiver with a radio connection
  • Range (geostatistics) , maximum distance between two geo-referenced data points at which a statistical relationship can still be determined *
  • Range (logistics) , indicates the calculated range of the inventory in days, weeks or months.
  • Reach (media) , proportion of the target people who are reached by an advertising medium
    • Technical reach , percentage of target persons who could be technically reached by an advertising medium
  • Range (particle radiation) , distance that a fast charged particle covers when passing through matter until its energy has dropped to zero
  • Reach (interaction) , a length parameter that characterizes the decrease in force between two bodies with increasing distance.
  • Range (transport) , distance or distance that can be covered with a certain amount of fuel (usually tank capacity)
  • Range (raw material) (static / dynamic), the time span that a raw material will still be available on the basis of the known global reserves and current consumption
  • Range (hydrogeology) , size of the area of ​​influence of a water intake point

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