Reid track

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Reid track
location Ross Dependency , Antarctica
part of Queen Maud Mountains in the Transantarctic Mountains
Reid Spur (Antarctica)
Reid track
Coordinates 84 ° 46 ′  S , 178 ° 30 ′  E Coordinates: 84 ° 46 ′  S , 178 ° 30 ′  E

The Reid Spur is an 8 km long ridge in the Antarctic Ross Dependency . In the Queen Maud Mountains , it extends from a previously unnamed hill 5 km northwest of Mount Bellows in a northerly direction along the eastern flank of the Ramsey Glacier .

The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names named him in 1966 after Chief Warrant Officer James S. Reid, a member of a United States Army Air Force who supported a Texas Tech University crew to explore the Shackleton Glacier between 1964 and 1965.

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